The Low Voltage Agreement Group (LOVAG) is a Mutual Agreement among European Certification Bodies operating in the low-voltage industrial electrical products field. It has been founded to facilitate the access of products to the most important worldwide markets.

LOVAG was founded in 1991 and ACAE is one of the founder members.
LOVAG members are certification bodies for products accredited by their respective national bodies, signatories of the IAF agreement (International Accreditation Forum).

LOVAG's main purpose as Agreement Group is for the mutual recognition of certificates of conformity and licenses issued by each member.

LOVAG provides protection of the integrity, reputation, and experience of the signatories and their laboratories, which constitute the largest network in Europe

Members of LOVAG issue certificates based on the application of international standards, issue licenses after verifications in factory and make, where appropriate, monitoring of market, with no compromise on integrity and quality. The LOVAG agreement is guaranteed by periodic "peer assessment" among members

All members of LOVAG and their respective registered laboratories have high-level technical skills in the field of industrial electrical products, as well as their inspectors and technicians who participate actively in international standardization activities, EN and IEC.

LOVAG members

APPLUS + Laboratories - Spagna

ASEFA - Francia

SGS Belgium NV / SA - Belgio

IMQ - Italia

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